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Ant power

The drive to find more sustainable transport fuels has been given a boost by some Dutch students.

The robot that can pick up virtually any object

Scientists at UC Berkeley have created a robot that has learnt to pick up virtually any object.

Scottish areas worst for broadband speeds, says Which?

The slowest speeds in the UK are experienced in three Scottish local authority areas, Which? says.

Russia targets Telegram app after St Petersburg bombing

A suicide bomber who killed 15 people in St Petersburg used the messaging app, officials say.

Gmail to end ad-targeting email scans

Privacy groups cautiously welcome Google's pledge to end scans of Gmail messages to personalise ads.

Player protests force change on GTA V mod kit

Complaints, negative reviews, and petitions make GTA's publisher end legal action over a popular game add-on

Why lionfish are being hunted by robots in Bermuda

Bermuda is using robot technology to control the population of venomous lionfish.

How to unlock Harry Potter Easter eggs on social media

It's 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone came out.

Hyperlane: A special lane for self-driving vehicles

A US company is proposing special lanes on roads purely for self-driving vehicles.

Ohio sites hacked with IS message

Governor John Kasich's site is one of those attacked, posting a threat to President Donald Trump.