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'Witkar', the world's first electric car-sharing scheme

How a Dutch visionary brought clean cars to Amsterdam.

Window washing drone takes flight

A huge drone that can wash buildings and put out fires is being developed in Latvia.

Could HoloLens tech help save babies’ lives?

Students are shown virtual reality images to teach them about obstetric emergencies.

Facebook appeals against Cambridge Analytica fine

The social network says the UK's data watchdog £500,000 penalty was unjustified.

Facebook ads urge its staff to leak secrets

The Freedom from Facebook campaign is using the company's own ad tools to encourage staff to share details.

'Adult' furry erotica site hacked

The latest in a long line of hacks aimed at adult websites leaves millions of users exposed.

Number of child gamblers quadruples in just two years

The rapid rise in the number of child gamblers is "a generational scandal", says a campaigner.

The tech that could make water use sustainable

Scientists in Finland and the UK have built a computer model that visualises groundwater levels in real time.

Google helps boost High Street spending with search

Technology showing inventory for local shops will go live on Google search over next 12 months.

Tumblr removed from Apple app store over abuse images

The app was removed from Apple's store after images showing child sexual abuse were discovered.