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MWC 2017: DJI drones use plane avoidance tech

DJI's latest industrial drones use technology that warns if larger aircraft are nearby.

MWC 2017: '22,000 hackable webcams in Barcelona'

A security firm finds nearly 100,000 hackable smart devices in the city hosting Mobile World Congress.

MWC 2017: Will Nokia phones be bestsellers again?

The worldwide launch of Nokia-branded Android smartphones marks a bold bet to revive the business.

Oscar 2017 winner: How we made The Jungle Book

BBC Click speaks to visual effects supervisor Adam Valdez.

Government targets sexting and cyberbullying

Ministers will meet with large technology companies, young people and mental health experts.

MWC 2017: Sony launches slow-mo Xperia XZ Premium phone

A new type of image sensor allows the latest Xperia smartphone to capture video at a record 960 frames per second.

MWC 2017: Sony smartphone films in super-slow-motion

A new type of smartphone sensor that can film at 960 frames per second is featured in a new handset from Sony.

MWC 2017: Samsung unveils two new tablets but no phone

The South Korean tech firm has traditionally launched a new smartphone at the Mobile World Congress tech show.

MWC 2017: Nokia's classic 3310 phone is reborn at MWC

A revamped version of one of the most admired mobile phones is unveiled alongside a range of Nokia-branded smartphones.

Nokia 3310 mobile phone resurrected at MWC 2017

An iconic Nokia phone is revamped with added battery life and new features alongside several Nokia-branded Android models.